The series is a collection inspired by Ekpen as he learns more about he world and grows.

 The goal of the series is to entertain, educate, and bring smiles and joy to the faces and hearts of your precious little ones

All Kinds of Love

This touching story beautifully captures a mother's boundless affection for her son as they embark on an endearing journey together. Using items that her son Ekpen loves, the mother ingeniously illustrates the depths of her love, while Ekpen playfully challenges her with witty responses to increase her love even more.

But that's not all - the book also subtly introduces a STEM concept related to capacity, offering young readers a fascinating exploration of this scientific principle.

All Kinds of Love blends the heartwarming narrative with intellectual engagement and an enduring message of unconditional love, resulting in an enriching reading experience for children and caregivers alike. 

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Precious!! Such a sweet tale about a boy's adventurous curiosity and his mama's all-encompassing, everenduring love for him! How big is mama's love? Just ask Ekpen... He knows!

Michelle Neibel

Heartwarming words that express the author’s grand love for her son that will instantly make your child feel loved and secure as you read the pages to them! I loved the feeling!

Sarah Keller

I love the way the book describes the different versions of how much she loves her son! From “rounder than the pizza” to “deeper than the pool”. So cute and the illustrations are amazing!!

Lashay Morse

The book is adorable, I love how mom’s love keeps getting bigger and bigger! the illustrations are beautiful and very relatable for a child reflecting their everyday activities

Ligia Petreca

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